Unleash Your Senses-A MooMba Beach Production!

Unleash Your Senses-A MooMba Beach Production!

Calling all music lovers!  Get ready to unleash your senses on Friday, March 22nd!

This isn't just any party; it's a full-fledged dance music party under the stars.  Unleash your senses to the legendary sounds of Tomorrowland with iconic DJs like Dj Licious, Tach Gremer, and Dave Lambert.

But that's not all!  MooMba Beach celebrates local talent too.  Get ready to be blown away by the energy of Aruba's favorite DJs: Bradley Fonseca, PTR and Dj Diablo.

The best part?  Entrance is free!  Join the party at MooMba Beach on March 22nd, starting at 5 pm and lasting until 1 am.  Get ready to find freedom and experience paradise!

Here's what you can't miss:

  • World-class electronic music from legendary DJs from Tomorrowland 
  • Local talent showcasing Aruba's vibrant music scene
  • A stunning beachside setting under the stars
  • A free event (yes, you read that right!)

Don't miss your chance to be a part of this electrifying event!  Mark your calendars for March 22nd and get ready to unleash your senses!

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