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About us

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Aruba has hundreds of restaurants, so we understand the importance of an online coach to guide you through the restaurants and bars that will offer you the most perfect experience. Our selection has ample choices for indoor and outdoor seating and offers a variety of cuisines. Check out the events, the specials and of course the stories of other island visitors as well as recipes by the island’s best chefs.

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Welcome to YummyAruba.com, an elite collection of restaurants from across Aruba’s dining scene; interesting for locals and visitors alike. Find a classic as well as a top-notch restaurant, a barbecue spot or a perfect happy hour bar. At YummyAruba.com you may learn all about Aruba’s latest events, live entertainment, specials and most of all… the best places to visit for breakfast, lunch, dinner or drinks.

High standards

Each participating restaurant has been submitted to the highest standards of food quality, food safety and service. YummyAruba.com proudly guides you through our favorite selection.

Social Leadership

The ‘We Care Initiative’, the overall happiness program of social leadership and charity by Aruba Wine and Dine. Read more about the We Care Initiative click ]