Seabass - Hadicurari

Seabass - Hadicurari

Debone the seabass and trim the edges. Season with plain salt. Sear the skin until it’s a little crispy and flip it. Cook for one minute on the meat side and leave to rest.

Boil the potatoes and when they are done strain them. Put them back in the pot and let them steam dry. Add cream and butter to taste and finish with salt and white pepper.

Bring 5 dl of white wine to a boil together with one piece of staranise, 1 pc vanilla bean, 1 bay leave and one peeled white onion. Reduce until you have 1,5 dl left and add 5 dl of fresh fish stock. Let reduce until you have 4 dl left. Add 5 dl fresh carrot juice and reduce until you have 7 dl left. Strain the spices out and put back on the heat. Add 1 dl of heavy cream and 220 gr of unsalted butter. Add salt and pepper to taste.

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