Pedro Ferrandiz - Chef Salt & Pepper

Pedro Ferrandiz - Chef Salt & Pepper

Peruvian Pedro, truly a chef. You won’t believe this: the chef at Salt & Pepper Restaurant in the Arawak Garden across from the Barceló Resort is a lawyer. Pedro Ferrandiz (38) studied in Lima, Peru, but moved to Aruba before establishing his practice there. And that is not all: he studied Hospitality at the University of Aruba, stopping short just before his thesis. But then his life took a weird turn and he found out that he loved working in a kitchen. “At Salt & Pepper I enjoy the freedom to create the best possible flavors, the most terrific combinations and fabulous dishes,” Pedro says. “Have you seen our tapas menu: it is chock full of options, one even better than the other.’’

In his kitchen, Pedro likes to work with his team members, an international bunch. “We are friends, we laugh a lot, we are having fun. They come from Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, from Colombia and Peru, but we all want the same thing: to enjoy our jobs and serve great food.”

Peru is currently getting top marks for its excellent cuisine. Pedro: “Peruvian cuisine is an example of true fusion – influences from South America mix with those from Europe and Asia. That is because so many nationalities are living in Peru, each putting their stamp on the food. I love fusion – it is a work in progress. And the tapas at Salt & Pepper perfectly reflect fusion.”

Of course, you also should taste Pedro’s ceviche, the fresh fish in lime juice. “Take a bite and you will be in Peru”, he promises. “Memories will surface with the food you eat, so treat yourself and enjoy.”

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