Mamacita Coronita Summer Edition

Mamacita Coronita Summer Edition

Are you ready for the party of the month? This Friday, July 22 the summer edition of Mamacita Coronita will be held at MooMba Beach from 7 pm to 2 am. Sexy people, Latin vibes, happy faces, and buckets of Coronita. It hardly sums up the ingredients of the tone that will be set that night!  

Starting off at 7 pm with C-Zar, followed by Dj Diablo, the night is going to be on fire. One thing that can be learned from previous parties is that EVERYTHING can happen during MooMbaÔÇÖs Mamacita Coronita.    

Free entrance, great ambiance, fantastic drinks, and buckets for just $25 make for an amazing party.

Let's PARTYYY!­čÖâ­čŹ║­čŹ╣

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