Get Ready, Food Lovers: Aruba's Restaurant Week is Back in Full Swing!

Get Ready, Food Lovers: Aruba's Restaurant Week is Back in Full Swing!

Attention, food enthusiasts! If the idea of diving deep into exotic flavors and delightful dining experiences gets your heart racing, then join us during Restaurant Week. Until September 6th, get ready to be part of a delectable journey through eleven remarkable restaurants.

It’s More Than Just a Food Festival

Aruba's Restaurant Week isn't just about tasting food—it's a celebration of our island's rich and diverse culinary tapestry. With an irresistible three-course choice menu priced at either Afl. 49 or Afl. 59, you’re in for a treat, exploring a plethora of culinary wonders from some of Aruba's most renowned kitchens.

A Sneak Peek into the Culinary Stars

Tango Argentine Grill awaits all meat aficionados with its classic Argentinean delights. And for a mix of cozy vibes and a varied menu, Café the Plaza is your go-to. Seafood enthusiasts, Fishes & More has a plate with your name on it, while Mambo Jambo is set to dance salsa on your palate with its Latin fusion.

Dine with the Waves & Wines

Looking for dinner with a view? MooMba Beach & Surfside Beach Bar promises an unforgettable dining experience by the shore. For wine lovers, Que Pasa Restaurant & Winebar offers an exquisite wine list to pair with its diverse dishes. And let’s not sideline Salt & Pepper and Nos Clubhuis; their unique culinary offerings guarantee a burst of flavors with every bite.

The Unique and the Classic Awaits

Desire something out of the box? Hadicurari Restaurant is all set to surprise you. And for a sweet finish, Willem's Dutch Pancakes promises the fluffiest “poffertjes” you could dream of.

Deals Beyond Meals

Restaurant Week is more than dishes; it's also about clinks and drinks! Grab some fabulous deals on wines and beers, turning your dining into a comprehensive gastronomic affair.

Dine with a Purpose

The cherry on top? A significant slice of the proceeds from Restaurant Week will find its way to the Maris Stella Nursing Home in Savaneta. So, as you relish every bite, know that you're also serving a plate of joy to the wonderful residents there.

Embark on This Culinary Adventure

With mouthwatering scents in the air and an array of dishes ready to tantalize your taste buds, the 13th Restaurant Week beckons. Until September 6th, immerse yourself in Aruba’s culinary brilliance, all the while supporting an incredible cause.

Ready to Feast?

To chart out your culinary expedition, visit Aruba Restaurant Week. We're waiting to serve you an unparalleled feast! Note: All prices are in Aruban Florin (Afl.).

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