Beachside F1 Live Watch Party!

Beachside F1 Live Watch Party!

Craving an escape from the ordinary? Sunday, June 23rd, ditch the living room and head to MooMba Beach for a truly unique Formula 1 experience! The Spanish Grand Prix kicks off at 9:00 AM, and MooMba Beach is transforming into the ultimate viewing party.

Imagine this: turquoise waters lap at the shore as the Spanish track ignites with racing fever. A giant screen displays every nail-biting moment, while the cheers of the crowd create an electric atmosphere. Feel the tension rise with every strategic maneuver, celebrate the daring overtakes, and immerse yourself in the pure thrill of F1!

MooMba Beach offers more than just the race. Savor delicious food and beverages while soaking up the Caribbean sun. Connect with fellow F1 enthusiasts, share your predictions, and revel in the shared passion for motorsport. This isn't just watching a race, it's a full-blown party! So, ditch the couch, embrace the beachside vibe, and experience the Spanish Grand Prix like never before at MooMba Beach!

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