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Unique and authentic restaurant, bar and art gallery Que Pasa? is located in a historical colorful Aruban building in the heart of Oranjestad. Although the name is a familiar Mexican phrase, Que Pasa is not a Mexican restaurant. The menu has a European flair; with influence from the Caribbean, South America and even the Middle East.

The menu showcases fresh seafood and meat signature dishes such as mouthwatering tuna tataki and juicy steaks. The famous shrimp dishes are still there as well as many daily specials to which a pinch of fusion and a dash of daring have been added. 




Fried Brie - $ 12.00

Warm melted brie oozes out when you take a bite of this heavenly appetizer. Crispy on the outside, soft inside and forest bounty in a creamy garlic sauce and served with a salad and a watermelon- and balsamic reduction


Escargots & Mushrooms- $ 12.00

Experience the marriage of land snails and forest bounty in a creamy garlic sauce beneath a layer of Parmesan


Spicy Shrimp Pil Pil (Hot) - $ 14.00

Simple, but oh so good: shrimp in small pot in a spicy garlic sauce. It is i Basque tapa, called gambas al ajillo; these garlicky crustaceans are a big hit at Que Pasa



Chicken Sesame Stir-Fry - $ 19.00

Hints of the Orient surround your chicken stir-fried with veggies and served with a teriyaki-sesame sauce. This dish will take your palate to Bali and beyond


Shrimp Piña Colada - $ 22.00

When the word piña colada is uttered, visions of gorgeous white beaches lined with palm trees appear. This time it is shrimps that get the tropical treatment. Served with rice and plantains, this is Caribbean-style dining


Caribbean Grouper - $ 23.00

We are firmly staying in the Caribbean with this sweet potato-crusted, pan-fried grouper, which is served with a sweet and sour passion fruit sauce

10oz Skirt Steak - $ 33.00

So tender it will fall off your fork if you are not careful. Que Pasa adds a local touch, as your skirt steak is served with a savory chimichurri sauce

Bar Tapas:

Flatbread - $ 13.50

The idea originated on the Mediterranean coast, but was perfected on Dushi Aruba. As tasty as it looks. 
Your choices: homemade flatbread topped with pulled barbecue beef, arugula and gratinated with Gouda cheese or Homemade flatbread topped with goat cheese pine nuts, arugula and honey 


Chef's Platter - $ 24.00

Bite the bullet and order a selection of the chef's favorite bites: you'll be in for a nice surprise



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Credit Cards: mastercard, visa, amex, discover, diners

Reservations Suggested: Yes
Catering Facility: Yes
Banquet Facility: Yes
Open daily: Yes


Service charge: No (only for groups of 7 people or more, a 15% will be added to the bill)

Opening Hours

Daily 4:00 pm - 12:00 pm


Contact Details
Wilhelminastraat 18, Oranjestad

+297 583 4888

[email protected]


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