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Que Pasa offers two amazing menus for Holidays group events

December 12, 2018
A great Christmas party involves warm feelings, good cheer and happy thoughts. You and your guests will surely get these when you opt for Que Pasa in the Wilhelminastraat as the venue for your party in December. Que Pasa’s cozy interior, now with free parking next door, is perfect for an intimate occasion, whether that will be with family, good friends or colleagues.

Que Pasa’s chef has done a great job with the two Christmas menus, offering variety in a creative way. There are two menus available: the first starts off with a tomato soup or a Caesar salad, followed by seafood mixed with veggies and served in a pesto sauce with fettuccine or a chicken schnitzel. A hot banana or vanilla panna cotta topped with pineapple and rosemary are the dessert options. The price is $30 per person.

The second menu starts off with either a smoked fish salad with an orange saffron mayonnaise or escargots and mushrooms. Then you can choose between a bacon-wrapped tenderloin, served with a truffle-wine sauce or the catch of the day in a Parmesan crust. A ganache pie with strawberry ice cream or apfelstrudel with vanilla ice cream are for dessert. The price is $40 per person.

So, keep Que Pasa in mind when you are looking for a great location for your Christmas party. We promise you it will be a blast!

Contact Que Pasa today and book your holidays group event: 583-4888 or email to [email protected]