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"Nos Clubhuis has felt like it was Our Clubhuis'', say Joe and Tami

November 2, 2018

"The staff at Nos Clubhuis is fabulous, very friendly and accomodating. We came every night for the atmosphere. We really felt that is was "Our Clubhuis'', say Joe and Tami Sasda (51) from New Jersey about their favorite bar/restaurant on the island. The couple, one in sales and the other a retired kindergarten teacher, just walked by when they spotted the place on top of Hadicurari Restaurant; they climbed the stairs and were 'home'. "We're loving it.''

Joe and Sasda enjoyed their fish and nachos at Nos Clubhuis, which you can find located between the Marriott Surf Club and MooMba Beach. Great to hear that you had such a good time here, Joe and Tami! We hope to see you again soon.