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A Romantic dinner with a view at Nos Clubhuis for Valentine’s Day

February 4, 2020
Nos Clubhuis is offering a fantastic Valentine’s special on February 14, 15 and 16, sliding the romantic festivities of the day of love along to Sunday. You can take advantage of an amazing deal for a delicious 3-course dinner. A menu that’s valued at $49 plus a FREE glass of champagne, will be offered for just $29 per person during this romantic weekend… that’s more than 40% OFF! Take advantage and book your Valentine’s dinner right away to secure your table.

At Nos Clubhuis you will get the choice between a clear fish soup, prepared with the catch of the day or a duo of breaded calamari and mussels, served with a home-made tartar sauce. Entree options are either a seafood quartet, grouper, catch of the day, shrimp and calamari with Caribbean rice and a garden salad, or mozzarella chicken with cherry tomatoes, served with pan-fried potatoes and a salad. Dessert is a home-made chocolate brownie with vanilla ice cream.

So put on your nicest clothes, make Valentine’s Day super special, love the love and bask in it. And say a heartfelt “Bon Appetit” to each other. PS: Don’t forget to look deeply in each other’s eyes, because you know how the saying goes…. Happy Valentine’s!