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Traditional Poke Bowls now available at Dragonfly

October 31, 2019
Dragonfly is now introducing trendy and delicious Poke Bowls, a colorful and traditional salad in a bowl. Create your own Poke Bowl and be your own creative chef. The kitchen team of Dragonfly has selected the freshest ingredients for you to enjoy. The menu offers you protein choices of veggies, toppings and flavors. The price of your own Poke Bowl is just $12 and you can add even more delicious items for a small upgrade fee.

Choose one protein per bowl (more as upgrade available). The protein options are chicken, crab, beef, tofu. Extra upgrade choices are salmon, tuna (each $2 extra) and shrimp ($3 extra).
After your protein choice, you’ll move to veggies. Choose four veggies from the menu: cucumber, carrot, lettuce, bell pepper, avocado, edamame, corn, mango and wakame.

You’re now halfway as your Poke Bowl salad is waiting for toppings. You may choose two toppings between masago, nori, scallion, sesame and jalapeno.

And finally, are four flavors to pick from: wasabi mayo, spicy mayo, teriyaki and eel sauce. Extra orders of protein run for a small fee: salmon and tuna for $4, shrimp for $5 and chicken for $3.

How cool is this? You create your own unique salad and make it as fancy as you like. The Poke Bowl is an ancient tradition which originated on the islands in Oceania. Dragonfly is now bringing it to Aruba. Be hip, be creative. Be your own chef and Create Your Own Poke Bowl!

Reservations at Dragonfly are recommended. Visit dragonflyaruba.com.