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There are some great specials this week!

August 5, 2019
Tataki Sushi Roll
Sushi roll filled with crab tempura, avocado, cream cheese and mango; topped with tuna tataki and a Toshiro sauce. The price is $18 per person (including local tax/BBO).

Fresh Mussels
A very tasty main course… Fresh mussels mixed with green, yellow and red peppers in a sweet Chinese sauce (sweet & sour), served with fried rice. The price is $23 per person (including local tax/BBO).

Japanese Blooming Tea
It’s tea with a truly Japanese experience. So, take your time and enjoy! It’s a tea with organic pure tea leaves accompanied by a flower which opens in the hot water tea pot right before your eyes. Just beautiful! The price is $9 (including local tax/BBO).