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Delicious specials for the month of May at Fishes and More

May 13, 2019
This month of May Chef Bruno has some delicious specials for you. A must-try!

Spicy Octopus | Appetizer | $18
Fresh octopus in a spicy creamy tomato sauce with quinoa arugula salad in a phyllo dough basked.

Tenderloin Benedict | Main course | $36
An 8oz filet mignon accompanied by green asparagus, shitake mushrooms, poached egg, mashed potatoes with crispy beets and a chipotle-hollandaise sauce.

Salmon wrapped in Grouper | Main course | $36
Norwegian salmon wrapped in grouper with spinach, ed cabbage, trilogy couscous and a beurre blanc dill sauce.

Shrimp Risotto | Main course | $36
Eight fresh local shrimp with brie-cheese sauce served with mushrooms, green apple risotto and masago.