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Coconut Shrimp - MooMba Beach

September 13, 2018
Coconut shrimp - Pan-fried shrimp prepared in a delicious sweet coconut rum sauce.

Serving 4 people

20 shrimp 16/20 peeled

Coconut sauce:
215 g coconut cream
200ml heavy cream
100ml whole milk
100ml white rum

Corn starch

Coco rasp
Avocado puree

Instructions: Gather all the ingredients. Combine the coconut sauce ingredients in a small sauce pan. Heat the sauce and when the sauce is hot, use the corn starch to make it creamy. Put the shrimps in a frying pan and cook until spotty brown and edges turn pink.

Take 4 small plates and place the 5 shrimp on each plate, make some drops of avocado on each plate, pour the sauce on the shrimp and finish it with the coco rasp. Don’t forget to take a picture ;) Enjoy!